Dunbar Community Bakery AGM 2013

Dunbar Community Bakery AGM 2013

Dear Shareholder

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Dunbar Community Bakery Shareholders

You are warmly invited to attend the Annual General Meeting  of the Dunbar Community Bakery, to be held in the After School Room of theBleachingfield Community Centre, Dunbar at 7.00pm on Wednesday 22 May 2013

The formal business of the evening will be as follows:-

Presentation of the Accounts and Directors Report
Motion not to appoint an auditor
Motion to adopt amended Rules for Dunbar Community Bakery Limited -as made available to members in advance of the meeting
Election of Committee members

and will be followed by a brief presentation on future plans

A copy of the 2011/12 accounts and report are available in The Bakery or by following the links above.

The Management Committee are proposing a motion to adopt amended Rules.

The main purpose of the changes is to make it clear (as was the original intention) that Dunbar Community Bakery is in business to benefit the community as a whole and not just its members. The word ‘co-operative’ has been replaced throughout by ‘Society’ to bring the Rules into line with the requirements for a community benefit society under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act.

For the same reason, Rule 59(b) allowing payment of a ‘dividend’ out of profits of up to 10% to members has been replaced by a provision to pay interest compensating members for the use of their capital at no more than 2% above base rate.

These changes should remove some of the barriers to grant applications that have previously been experienced.

In addition the amended Rules also incorporate the following minor changes:

  • The maximum period for continuous membership of the Management Committee is extended from 3 to 5 years (Rule 35).
  • Some restrictions on the co-option of new members to the Management Committee have been removed (Rule 37).

A copy of the proposed amendments is available for inspection in The Bakery or by following this link: amended Rules 

I would urge shareholders to attend the AGM if at all possible.   There will be drinks and nibbles available and a cake will be auctioned.